Full Tilt

Full Tilt 4.1% (Mar – May)

The world these days is full of pale hoppy beers, and this of course is one of them.  Amber-coloured, full of hops from the good ole’ U S of A, and named in honour of the joust tourneys that were – many moons ago – held on Therfield Heath.  It also aptly the described the attack on the taste buds from the hops.

Surprisingly popular with ‘lager’ drinkers (see, they do have tastebuds sometimes), and far hoppier than many a so-called hoppy beer – you know the sort, the ones where the only hops are in the tasting notes.



Sunstar 4.3% (June – Aug)

An old seasonal from our archives, this popular beer is a nice golden brew with a sweet fruity bitter finish.  Brewed with Brewers Gold hops from Germany, this is as near as you’ll get to a single hop beer from us with that variety, out of respect for a little known but pleasant little beer from the vale of the Crouch, deep in deepest Essex.  Mind you, that’s only because we live in hope that one day the three dandy office wallahs over at the little-known but reasonably competent Crouch Vale Brewery may let us have a sniff of their well stocked biscuit & cake drawer.

Their is, no doubt, a good story behind the name, but it is lost in the mists of time.  Probably involves a train, so many beers seemingly do.


Crow’s Nest 4.1% (Sept – Nov)

You may have noticed a hint of crow to our logo, and more than a hint of crow to much that is related to our ‘home’ town of Royston (nr Buntingford…).  Once upon a time, the Hooded Crow (corvix yobbus) was a very common sight on Royston Heath, and for many years was known as the ‘Royston Crow’ (and indeed still is across many parts).  These days, the Hooded Crow is found much further north, but it’s memory lives on like something remembered for a long time.

Of course, come autumn, and the falling of the leaves, the trees show off their nests (which are often those of rooks…).  We may one day remove the apostrophe and thus enable us do this beer in early Spring.

The beer is dark amber coloured and has malt & hops in it.

 Winter Gold

 Winter Gold 4.3% (Dec – Feb)

Some say this beer takes it’s inspiration from the lovely burnished golden skies of a cold Winter morn, some say it’s because it is golden and only brewed in the depths of Winter.

All we know is, it’s worth a swig…


Oh yes, if you want some tasting notes, it’s malty-sweet with a spicy hoppiness. Or something.