For all trade sales enquiries, please contact us via:

01763 250749 (the answerphone doesn’t bite…), or on 07879 698541, or use the form below.

We currently deliver direct to Hertfordshire, Western Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.  Our beers are also available through Flying Firkin, Baby Bottles & Beer My Guest.

Please note we are not at present licensed to sell alcohol to the general public!

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 Is it me or are these things damned hard to read?



We apologise for having to use those darned captcha things, but sadly we are being overrun with offers of Nigerian Money & we already have a room full Russian Ladies wanting to know us better (none of whom are tractor welders it seems, which is a shame – but that is another story).

And no, we don’t need sodding PPI…