Everything you were afraid to ask – and will quite possibly will be even more afraid to know – about us…


Catherine The Brewer (aka Our Kid t’Catherine t’Brewer)

Catherine originally hailed from Rochdalecester in Mancunianshire, but after a few years in quarantine in Leicestercestercestervilleshire, she is now down here.  Catherine is one of the earliest of the current range of Brewsterers, and has created some of our most popular recipes over the years.  She is our Keeper Of The Cat – a purely ceremonious title, as we don’t have a cat. Yet.

In her spare time Catherine enjoys tuning her collection of amphibious sheep, and listening to those fine purveyors of relaxing German Death Folk music, Rammstein.


Steve The Likely To Get A Slap Any Minute

Steve is currently responsible for whatever he is currently doing, or more usually forgetting he should currently be doing.  Steve spent a number of years in the often forgotten UK Treacle Mining Industry, and was once credited with finding the last seam of pure Tosh.

It is a little known fact that Steve is a world-renowned expert on the ability of Woodpeckers to create jigsaws, and the methods used by Sparrows to haul freight over long distances.  He also keeps a pet 45 year old Land Rover and a 20 year old Range Rover, just to remind him things really can get worse…


Graham The Atheleticalist

Drayman, cask fettler, & occasional twitcher, Graham joins us from an industry who made full use of his skills with two empty baked bean cans and a piece of string.  A man who knows far too much about SMS messaging to send a text about it, Graham has for many years been a CAMRA member (it doesn’t show – his beard is fully cloaked, as are his sandals).

When not magically arranging for beer to appear on bars across the area, he can be found in one of his several sheds listening to hardcore death techno music, or running very long distances on a bike through deep water for no obvious reason.


Harriet The Younger

Telesales & officey stuff person to the stars, Harriet, to whom we once had to explain what/who the Spice Girls were, joins us as our representative of modern youth culture, innit.  When not translating Radio 1 conversations to not so younger Graham, Harriet busies herself organising us all, and handling telesales.

When not gainfully employed here, Harriet can often be found behind the bar in our pub, keeping order & control of an evening, and also doing rather well at darts (ie she can hit the board where it counts when it counts). Harriet keeps a small herd of horses of ponies in her spare time.  Which leads us to presume she also has power over time as well, because we are not entirely sure where her spare time comes from.  Either way, she’ll be very handy should we ever need to revert to horse power for our delivering…